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  Investment Account Analysis

ARC offers a selection of 50+ reports detailing various aspects of account activity including profit and loss, trading performance, asset allocation, margin ratio, turnover, cost to equity, benchmark performance and more. Our software easily accommodates customized report requests. We perform historical research and analysis of stocks, bonds and other investments.


The founder of ARC has over 20 years experience in compliance, operations, registration, restricted securities, trading and analyzing, resolving and consulting on customer issues.

Free Analytical Calculator

ARC routinely receives inquiries for a method to quickly determine, without cost, whether an account is profitable or not. ARC has a Free Analytical Calculator to allow the user to perform a simple Net Out Of Pocket Profit and Loss. There is no limit to its usage. Press the Free Analytical Calculator tab on the menu for further information and instructions.

Other Services

ARC performs other types of analyses and has prepared reports in disputes involving theft, wages, contracts, employment benefits, stock options, wrongful terminations and lost shipments.

Annual Licensing

ARC offers annual licensing its software. Contact Us for additional information.